With great functionality like Text-To-Speech and Drag & Drop
it is easy for invigilators to create tests



Assessing into the future.

Exam Portal has been actively used by the IEB to conduct International Benchmarking tests as well as NSC Examinations for reader concession and computer accommodation learners. Exam Portal is a tried, tested and well-supported solution that is constantly being enhanced to keep abreast of the latest technologies available.

The built-in text-to-speech engine, enhanced with different voices, allows for candidates requiring a human reader or scribe, to now share a venue with other students, and have a standardized, fair and equal testing environment. The QFrency range of voices cater for 9 of the South African official languages, some of which include Afrikaans, IsiZulu, Ndebele and more!


Students with concessions

Do you require the following:

  • The use of a computer during exams?
  • A Human Reader?
  • Special Educational Needs?
  • A separate venue?
  • Have Handwriting concessions?
  • Extra time?

ExamPortal offers all of these requirements above

Computer Based Learning and Assessment


* Secure for high stakes exams
* Multiple Functionality
* Windows Based
* Web Based
* Ability to access rural areas with mobile computer centres
* Functionality for learners with concessions



* Reads back any text.
* Different Text-To-Speech voices.
* Different Text-To-Speech languages – English, Afrikaans, Zulu.
* Upload any media files such as mp3 audio or mp4 videos.
* Replaces Human Reader and separate classroom facility

Fully supported


* Fully developed and supported solution
* User friendly, easy to navigate
* Trained experts providing support
* On-site support or remote support

Why Exam Portal?

Exam Portal, enhanced with QFrency SA voices, provides educators with a Quick and Easy to use solution saving them time recording audio, saving parents and schools money hiring Human readers, and enabling learners to bridge a gap where there is nepotism, and an unfair advantage under already stressful testing conditions.


The built-in Text-To-Speech engine caters for students with reading difficulties or visual impairment. The software engine reads back any text the student requires, with a variety of voices to choose from and an adjustable speed for convenience. The engine reduces unfair advantages that human readers possess, and standardizes the format in which students receive assistance with their text. Learners no longer needs to be in a separate venue, with a human reader and invigilator.

Drag & Drop exams

Quickly generate tests on Exam Portal using the Quick Test Capture function or simply drag-and-drop your pre-created exam in .docx format by using the Test Upload function. Exams are rapidly generated by the system, and displayed exactly as you created them in word format. You can create official examinations, surveys, or even class tests and projects which can be accessed via Exam Portal. With options to build multiple choice tests, general tests, and even print out tests created on Exam Portal, you have an all-in-one testing solution for your students.

Electronic Reader

Learners with reading disabilities such as Dyslexia, Aphasia, visual and hearing impairments, and various other accommodation needs can be assisted with the Electronic Reader Option. This allows images, audio files and even videos to be viewed by the student in a secured testing environment. The learner can then pause, play and view the media files at their own leisure, and even learners with severe hearing disabilities can benefit from sign language type videos. Rephrased papers, and language subjects not offered by text-to-speech can be examined using the Electronic Reader.

Secure computer based tests


Create multiple choice type tests, or whole exams which can be completed by learners as an e-assessment and resulted once the test is completed. The software is secure, and no cheating is possible once a student begins their examination. All data is stored on your school server, not the students local machine.

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